Boost camp - Martial art and sport camp

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Sport activities

Our main focus is developing our martial art skills in karate at first. As we love karate and martial art so we love to do other sport activities. We have idea what is judo, boxing or ju-jitsu  We learn beach volleyball for example, archery, we do jogging in the morning, badminton, ping pong, aerobic, yoga, football, basketball, cycling, climbing, horse riding,swimming,cross-fit with music, fitness, skipping ropes, athletics, stretching and flexibility...We love to have games and fun as well.  The main purpose why we are doing all of those activities above is simply to have general knowledge in sport and to find out which sport I like the most, maybe in karate camp I find my talent in volleyball...

Mental strength

We are learning to get to know ourselves, to overcome our inner battles. In karate and sport camp children have time to freely express themselves, to say their opinions, to learn interactions with friends and strangers.Learn to be self reliant, to believe in himself,his skills, we build self esteem and learn to have borders as well.We are helping each other to be a better person every day, show compassion and respect.



Karate is a life style...empower physical and mental sides of one individual, there is still lots of to learn, exploring and finding out the secrets of our bodies, minds and possibilities what we can do.

General schedule for Boost camp:

Dailly regime plan:     3 x daily training


7:00 Wake up, hygiene

7:15 Jogging

8:00 Breakfast – buffet

10:00 – 12:00 Training / kata/ kihon kumite/

13:00 Lunch

15:00 – 16:30 Training – Sparring, Kumite, Fitness, Kobudo

16:30 – 18:00 free activities under supervision (games, reading, self training, volleyball, swimming, relax, trampoline, tidying up etc.)

18:00 Dinner

21:00- 21:30 Hygiene, Bed time


Program for camp:

  • Improving and practicing our martial art skills – self defense techniques, breathing

  • Special Health-oriented physical education

  • Cross fit for children

  • OUTDOOR activities

  • Sensei takes us for a trip 

  • Camp-fire or grilling

  • Sensei always prepare for us nice surprise 

The Best Experience Ever

"Lets allow your child to get unforgettable memories and experience,find new friendships, build the character of a warrior and grow love to the nature and sport."
sensei shidoin tatiana
Karate and Sport coach

Great holiday with lots of fun