Fitness for children-cross-fit,gym work out or compensation exercise


Gym environment

Bringing your child to the fitness gym?Environment of exercising also take a big role in our success.It create positive attitude to the sport, practising among adults brings huge impact for the child psychology and brings great example for the future.Classes are with explanation, and teaching about body function.Using the equipmnet which are propriate for the age and health condition.

Unique fitness classes for children

Our united aim is to help them to grow in a happy childhood and to be successful and healthy through their lives.

Your child will be under supervision of highly qualified coach specialized on child sport in any spectrum and well beying with over 15 years of experience of training children.Sensitive approach will meet your child specific needs in order to develope right function of the body,correction of disbalancing disorders,postures ,strenghtening or body flexibility.

Trenerka Tana


Whether your child play tennis,golf,football, hockey,do dancing or any other sport....we can help.Individual approach, consultation with physiotherapeutists and gentle and precise excercising with sensitive proffessional coach will bring positive results to your child. 

Outdoor cross-fit

Child coach